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There are thousands of website business ideas out there and the beauty of this is that this is a growing industry the market is almost guaranteed. some of the major website businesses are:-web-design, web hosting, domain registration and many other that you will come across in these ideas. Keep your eyes open for the best fit idea. If you are good in web related services, why don't you start your own business. you can start small and grow with time but i advice you not to procrastinate or fear losing. Remember that those who never lose never try.

On web based business, it good to establish you own niche by either selling a unique product or serving a particular group of people or locality. let me give you a first idea. Selling tea online. Does your country produce tea? You can establish an online store for selling tea to Restaurants, Hotels, Health Food Shops and Retail Sales in your locality.

How does it work? You do not even to make anything. All you need to do is to contact a tea packer in your locality and negotiate a deal on how they can supply you with tea at whole sale price. You will also need a website where your customers will be placing their orders. You will also need delivery staff who will be delivering orders to clients.

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