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Did you know that there is so much money you can make with the special knowledge that you have about something or some place? The knowledge need not have been learnt in school that is why I am calling it special knowledge. Mostly, this type of knowledge tackles 'HOW TO….' E.g.-How to easily repair your laptop and save money.

Now how do you sell that special knowledge that you have? By teaching what you know, to people who are interested in what you know.

The biggest question is how you do that. Being a special knowledge, you cannot set up a school to teach that and further more not many people will want to spend their precious time attending a class.

This brings you to only one solution, selling your knowledge online. Selling you knowledge online also brings an added advantage of reaching a bigger market.

The next big question is how you will sell your special knowledge on the internet. The best way to sell your knowledge is by offering an e-course and charging a fee for it.

An e-course is a series of coaching or lessons through email teaching the specific course you are offering. The length of the series depends on what you are selling. It can be a single email, five emails or even run a whole year. The teachings can involve text, audio, video - and every combination of those.

A word of caution here, you cannot offer an e-course giving information that is easily and freely available. People will not buy something that can be obtained freely.

So, what are the aspects of a good e-course that can sell?

  1. It must have incredibly useful information

  2. It must inspire the reader

  3. It must offer value to the buyer e.g help him cut costs or easily solve a problem.

There is a catch though. You cannot sell your e-course if you don't have a website. Otherwise, how will people find your e-course? They must first come to your website to see your e-course. But don't worry. If you are interested on how online businesses work, you can subscribe to my e-course on how to build an online business. I am offering it for free for now.

Now, let's look at an example of an e-course.

Judd Burdon has a website about asphalt maintenance. Here is what he says about his e-course.

'I know a ton about asphalt maintenance, sealing, and driveway repair. Guess what? People are looking for ways to clean, crack fill, seal and patch holes on their driveway. They want to know how they can do the job properly and SAVE money.
What I know matches what they need! I can help them.
You too have knowledge that people look for every day on the net. Now just deliver your information in bite-sized pieces so that people can learn and absorb it in a way that is not overwhelming. An e-course is perfect for this.
People are willing to pay for information because you are doing them a service, in a very convenient way. An e-course is viewed more as a consultation by most people. You are sharing your expertise but the reader doesn't need to leave home for an appointment.
I am selling three courses per day right now. Each course costs $20. If that trend continues, that's $60 per day times 365 days in a year. I could potentially earn $21,900 annually. '

To see how Judd Burdon sells his e-course, visit his specific e-course page at, www.asphaltkingdom.com/asphalt-maintenance-course.html

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