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I do a rigorous search for eBay business idea(s) to make sure what I bring you are real examples and the best of the best ideas being practiced by real people around the world.

Before we talk about eBay business ideas, I would want to highlight something very important about e-bay business that will help you when you embark to being in e-bay auction.

For you to succeed in e-bay, you have to be smart to avoid the following challenges.

  1. Depending on eBay for traffic.
  2. Getting so tired of mailing packages,Picking, packing and shipping repetitively.
  3. Income dropping to zero if you don't attend to your e-bay.
  4. Working hard but benefiting e-bay.

Now how do you avoid that? Am not telling you to leave e-bay, but am telling you to develop a bigger concept. You can develop your own site around the product that you sell on e-bay. This not only eliminates the challenge of only relying on e-bay but also brings multiple streams of income.

In the meantime, here are the most popular items on eBay you could sell.

  1. bags
  2. bikes
  3. blackberry
  4. boats
  5. books
  6. boots
  7. cameras
  8. cars
  9. clothes
  10. computers
  11. furniture
  12. gold
  13. golf items
  14. guitar
  15. printers
  16. rings
  17. software
  18. solar panels
  19. tractors
  20. trucks
  21. TVs
  22. electronics
  23. handbags
  24. i pads
  25. iPhone
  26. iPods
  27. laptops
  28. mac-book
  29. motorcycles
  30. phone eBay
  31. play station 3
  32. shoes
  33. used cars eBay
  34. watches eBay
  35. wedding dress/ wedding gowns

To become an eBay seller, you need to open an eBay account and also have an online money transfer account like PayPal. you may decide to even to sell your products in wholesale.

eBay business has really grown over the years and has seen it go regional to cater for specific needs of a particular regional market. Other than the global eBay, you will also find the:-
  • Japanese eBay
  • German eBay
  • eBay Europe
  • global eBay
  • eBay SA
  • eBay Asia
  • eBay Au
  • Chinese eBay
  • American eBay
  • other sites like eBay

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Do you have a business idea?

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