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Pet business ideas have become appealing to more and more people. The pet business has proven to be recession resistant even as other industries experience a slow down. I think this can be owed to the fact that a pet is considered to be a person's companion for fun by most people.

Even during economic slow downs, most people will continue to buy pets as they seem,-and it has even been medically proven that pets provide non-trivial health benefits to owners who like having them around.

This presents to you as an entrepreneur a great pet business opportunity, and the only thing required is to get creative and know how you will position yourself in this industry.

The first option is to venture into the pet sale business. You may decide to sell pets offline, online or both. Selling pets online seems to be more appealing for many nowadays because all that is required is an online pet store and a number of pet suppliers from whom you will buy the pets when you get an order. That means you will not need much stock or incur overheads like pet food.

The most popular pets you might consider are:-Most common

  • Dogs
  • Cats
Rodent pets
  • Gerbils,
  • Hamsters,
  • Chinchillas,
  • Fancy rats,
  • Guinea pigs.
Avian pets
  • Canaries,
  • Parakeets,
  • Parrots.
Reptile pets
  • Lizards,
  • Snakes.
Aquatic pets
  • Tropical fish,
  • Frogs.

The other option is to venture into other businesses in the pet business like selling pet supplies or offering pet services. Here is a list of such pet business ideas you can venture into.

  • pet accessories
  • pet bottles
  • pet doors
  • pet fence
  • pet food supplies
  • pet grooming
  • pet hospital
  • pet insurance
  • pet locator
  • pet medication
  • pet plastic
  • pet rescue
  • pet resort
  • pet safe
  • pet salon
  • pet shampoo
  • pet shelters
  • pet shipping
  • pet supplies
  • pet tags
  • pet therapy
  • pet training
  • pet vaccinations
  • pet videos
  • pet website
  • pets classifieds
  • pets for adoption
  • pets games
  • pets games online
  • pets mart
  • pets pictures

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