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I do a rigorous search for service business ideas to make sure what I bring you are real examples and the best of the best ideas being practiced by real people around the world. Mostly but not all times, people in the service business are those with professional training or experience about that specific field.

  • Here is a list of the most common small service businesses today.
  • auto services
  • bus services
  • boiler services
  • card services
  • cleaning services
  • cloud computing services
  • computer services
  • consulting services
  • courier services
  • debt consolidation services
  • delivery service
  • email services
  • financial services
  • health care services
  • hosting services
  • internet service
  • it services
  • legal services
  • mental health services
  • marketing services
  • medical services
  • merchant services
  • newsletter service
  • online services
  • pensions advisory service
  • postal services
  • security services
  • marketing services
  • travel services
  • website design services
  • website hosting services.

Have you ever thought of property restoration business? Well, you can start offering restoration services for residential and commercial properties that have been damaged due to flood, smoke, fire, mold, storms aging etc. Remember this is not reconstructing but just restoring the damaged areas. It cannot be renovation either. Just think about it, this is a unique service business that is not popular with many people and hence it is very easy to make a brand name as the only property restoration service provider in your locality.

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Hello, my wife Ginny and I(Andy) spent half of our work life in building and repairing computers and we also worked part-time for various cleaning companies. …

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