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In this page, I enlist the best business ideaswithout regard to a specific area of specialty. I just search for the best and greatbusiness ideas across the board around the world and put them on this page.

Therefore, these ideas can range from a multi-billion business worth ideas to a kiosk idea provided they are considered to be the best in their category.

Let me start you off with this idea. Have you ever thought of starting a debt buying business? Yes, you heard me right. Buying debts!!! Its not crazy. It is a lucrative business if you do it right. How does it work?

Here is how it works. A debt buyer purchases debts from a creditor(a creditor is a person who sells goods or services on credit) for a fraction of the face value of the debt. The debt buyer can then collect the debt from the debtor on his own or utilize the services of another collection agency or even repackage and resell portions of the purchased portfolio or any combination of these options.

What does it require? Well, as you can sense, this business requires professional knowledge in accounting and law so as not to be conned by creditors selling to you bad debts. But you don't have to be a lawyer or an accountant to start this business, you can employ or hire them to lend their services. To minimize risks, you can even insure your portfolios.


A business idea becomes the best suit for you if only you will be enjoying the work and commitment that comes with it on top of the profits you will be making from it.

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