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Concluding what i would consider as top business ideas is usually based on what an ordinary person with an entrepreneurial nudge would consider excellent and implementable from a scratch.

As you read through, you will realize that most of the ideas listed are from people who started them from a very small starting point but step by step grew their businesses to what they are today.

Let me start you off with a business idea in construction, maintenance and repair of swimming pools in your locality. If you did not know, this is one of the businesses where your pocket will never go dry. Why? because of the three streams of income two of which are recurrent. This is how it works. The first income comes from constructing a swimming pool for a new client. From there the client gives you a contract to be repairing and maintaining his pool. The maintenance side of the business is weekly or two weekly contracts. The repair business covers both structural and mechanical repairs which can be annual or semi-annual. With a good team of stuff, this is one of the top small business idea that can assure your pocket to never dry. Over time, you will have established a brand name as a leader in swimming pool construction in your area due to referrals and the uniqueness of your niche.

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