Import business ideas

Import business ideas can be a very lucrative wealth creation avenue. Importing not only exposes you to new ideas but also helps you create a network with international merchants opening doors to even more trading avenues. It even exposes you to products you can export to other international markets.Before you venture into the importing business, it is always advisable to learn the basics of importing. You should be willing to learn some import and export terms and concepts before you start your business as these will determine your success.

The best way to learn these concepts is by attending workshops so that you can meet and learn from merchants and other import and export stakeholders, who are already in the business.

Here is a list of the most important people you should target to meet during such workshops.

  • Import /export logistics management companies
  • Import / export merchants
  • Import / export management companies
  • Import / export insurance service providers
  • Import / export consultant
  • Import / export credit agencies
  • Import / export credit insurance
  • Import / export agents
The most common Import terms you should learn before hand are:-

  • Import certification
  • Import documents
  • Import duty
  • Import exchange rate
  • Import financing
  • Import incentives if any
  • Import information
  • Import invoice
  • Import laws
  • Import procedure
  • Imports regulations
  • Import requirements
  • Import restrictions
  • Import rules
  • Import statistics
  • Import strategy
  • Import subsidies
  • Import tariffs
  • Import taxes
Now here are the most popular Import products that should assist you in coming up with your own Import business ideas and strategies.
  • animal Import
  • auto Import
  • beef Import
  • cement Import
  • chicken Import
  • clothing Import
  • coffee Import
  • computer Import
  • cotton Import
  • credit Import
  • diamond Import
  • dog Import
  • flower Import
  • food Import
  • fruit Import
  • furniture Import
  • garment Import
  • honey Import
  • iron ore Import
  • jute bags Import
  • oil Import
  • olive oil Import
  • pet Import
  • rice Import
  • scrap metal Import
  • seafood Import
  • software Import
  • sugar Import
  • tea Import
  • textile Import
  • timber Import
  • used car Import
  • used clothes Import
  • vegetables Import
  • wheat Import
  • wine Import
  • wood Import

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