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It takes great business ideas for entrepreneurs to turn these into multimillion worth of businesses. In this page, i intend to compile these great ideas from people who are running businesses to assist you do your search for that idea that is desirable to you.

I promise to list ideas that an ordinary person with an entrepreneurial spirit can relate to or connect with since they are from people who started from scratch as a start-up.

Allow me to start you off with this great business idea of renting cottages online. You don't have to be the owner of of the cottages. How does it work. Let's say that your locality is a holiday destination and therefore has has rental cottages. You can develop a website promoting your locality as one of the best holiday destination. Visitors to your site will also be interested in some information about where they will be staying when they visit this destination. It is only then you approach one of the cottage companies and negotiate a deal where you will be receiving online bookings on their behalf for a commission. Visitors to your site will be booking for cottage directly from your site.

Another option will be to link the cottage company's website to yours where you redirect your visitors to their website. You must have a tracking system that allows to know who among your redirects booked. If this is the easier option for you, you can check whether the company is a member of any affiliate company where you will just join and apply for their program.

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