Accounting business ideas

Here is a list of accounting business ideas in different areas related to the accounting profession. It is worth noting that, the accounting business requires a professional background and it is advisable to have the relevant basic qualifications like a bachelor degree in business accounting.

If you are a certified public accountant, there are various ways you can direct your career path if you want to remain specifically in the accounting field but as your own boss.

The beauty of the accounting field is that you can decide to to do everything related to your profession or specialize in a specific field like tax or management accounting.

  • The first accounting business idea is to start a home based accounting business. You can offer accounting/book keeping services to individuals in your locality. Mostly, it is not only less costly to start but also will give you a good training ground and experience of being on your own. You can start here as you prepare to go for bigger and more complex accounting services
  • Start an accounting bookkeeping business. In this scenario,you specialize in offering book keeping services for your clients without going the full stretch of offering other accounting services to the client. It is also a good starting point for a less experienced accountant.
  • start a small business accounting firm. This requires a very experienced CPA as it is highly regulated and involving.
  • small business auditing services. Being a CPA, you may decide to offer auditing services to your clients. Just like the accounting firms, an audit firm also requires a very experienced person in the audit field.
  • small business online accounting. This is a growing field and I advice you to do more research on how to offer accounting services online.
  • start a freelance small business professional services accounting. There are so many accountant who are freelancers nowadays. Get in contact with one who is willing to help you learn how to go about it if you have never done it before
  • Become a small business accounting consultant. This is where small businesses only contact you when they want you to offer a specific accounting solution to a specific problem in their business
  • Start an accounting business research business. This is where you offer research services for businesses
  • Offer management accounting services
  • Offer small business tax accounting services
  • offer accounting business finance outsourcing process services
  • Offering accounting business marketing service
  • Putting in place small business accounting systems for clients
  • Offering small business payroll accounting services
  • Start an accounting business school where you can offer business accounting courses as well as the accounting programs
  • Publish an accounting business finance journal
  • Selling accounting books. Both hard copies and e books
  • Writing small business accounting articles for a fee
  • Start an online small business accounting directory
  • Selling small business financial accounting software

I hope the above list will help you make an informed decision when starting your accounting business. you are currently on accounting business ideas page. click here to view new business ideas

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