Now you have reached a stage of starting a small business after a lot of brainstorming and research to get to your perfect small business idea

It is action time, and step by step, I will guide you on starting a small business basics to make sure that when you start a small business, achieves your expected success.

1)Acquire the basic information about the industry.

Your idea may be unique but there are businesses almost similar to your idea. Getting advice from the owner of such a business may give you an added advantage before you start your own. Consultation may take the form of making the owner of such a business your mentor or even offering to work in his business for some weeks or months for free. The time spent in this is very important and worth while especially the 'what not to do when starting a small business.

2)write a business plan

Before starting a small business, it is very important to write down a business plan. The plan will help you express your idea and business objectives in a written form, not to mention it will work as your guide on what needs to be achieved in a particular time frame.

Alongside a business loan proposal, a business plan will help you obtain funding for your business from financiers.

It also will put a check on your speed 'so that you don't over speed' when starting a small business. It is a very important document that most people ignore. Don't be one of them. It is not by coincidence that 70% of businesses that fail in their first year usually don't have a business plan.

Click on this link to read more about small business plan.

3)Registering your business

Before you embark on your business activities, it is always good to register your business as per the legal requirements of your country. The basic requirements in registering your business will be the business name, names of the owners (directors), location of the business, activity of the business and a lot more.

4)marketing your small business

For your small business to grow, you must make marketing a daily routine. Does it sound hard to do? It may feel so if you haven't yet started, but as you will realize with time, it is as simple as ABC. Remember marketing starts with the small basic things but which are very vital since they earn you your first clients who in turn form the basis of your future success.

5)Accounting for your small business

This is the major area that most small business entrepreneurs neglect. Please don't be one of them. If marketing if the fuel for your business, then accounting is the oil for the business. Why do I say this? It is because accounting for small business helps you achieve two major goals.

First, it helps you asses your business. How? A simple small business accounting system will help generate a record of daily income and expenditure of your small business start up, a record of your clients indicating the one's who are bringing the highest income to your business and the lowest, a record of your suppliers, as well as analyze your debt. Visit the accounting page for more information.

6)insure your small business

It is always advisable to insure your small business against major risks right from the beginning. Many wonder the type of policy of or the level of coverage they should grant their business. Well, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional insurance agent to asses the risks in your particular type of business. click here fore more information about small business insurance coverage

I wish you a successful experience with your new business. Talking about success, I came across a very inspiring article by Mel Weiss on how to Achieve Business Success. The article is a great read and I would recommend it to you. You can find the article at

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