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Many a times people develop some of thebest small businessideas due to an insatiable passion of being independent. Day and night, thousands of people are thinking of starting a business that will not fail them. they are always on the look out for that uniquebusiness idea that they can manage to translate into a viable business. I am sure you are one of them and that's why you are reading this. let me assure you that you have come to the right place.

Let's start with a business idea of selling latest full movies online. You will need a website to do this. This is like an online store where visitors to your website choose the movie they want to watch and download. I know various issues are coming into your head but the two major one are the issue of piracy and cost of stock the large number of movies. You can solve these two challenges by one solution....joining a good movies affiliate program!!!

Now, how do you succeed in such a competitive market. I would advice you go small establish your own niche where people will easily see yourwebsite. Example, you can decide to be selling horror movies only so that when someone types the word 'horror movies', you will be among the top ten results. There other options of establishing your own niche including selling movies from a particular region etc.

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