Green business ideas

Green business ideas are becoming more and more common especially with the sensitization of the society about the repercussions of pollution and global warming.

From big multinational companies to small companies, green business is becoming not only a way of conducting business but also a lifestyle.

In this page, I will be compiling business ideas from those conducting green businesses. Green businesses can be those in the business of improving the environment or those trying to conduct business practices that keep environmental pollution at the most minimum. This could include using energy that does not Emmit pollutants like solar energy, paperless office, re-using of items rather than discarding them etc.

To give you some pointers, you could think of the following green business ideas

  • green cars
  • green cleaning products
  • green construction materials
  • green consulting
  • green foods
  • green furniture
  • green housing
  • green lighting
  • green logistics
  • green manufacturing
  • green marketing
  • green packaging
  • green printing
  • green roofing
  • green shop
  • green solar
  • green store
  • green technologies
  • green tourism
  • greenenergy

Let me start you off with what I consider among the best green business of them all, battery recycling. How does it work? Batteries contain a range of metals that can be reused as a secondary raw material. You can do battery recycling in large scale or small scale depending on your capacity.

I hope you know that not all batteries are rechargeable. some are single life batteries.

At the recycling plant, various components from the batteries are collected. From single-use batteries, zinc, manganese and ferrous metals can be recovered. Cadmium and ferronickel are recovered from rechargeable batteries. the rechargeable batteries yield nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion and cobalt through a thermal recovery process. All these chemicals can be used in new batteries or in stainless steel and metal scraps. The most important benefit of recycling batteries is to prevent these chemicals from polluting the environment as they are harmful and sometimes fatal.

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