Business idea testing

Before you start your business idea testing, did you know you can build an online business empire on your own even without prior tech knowledge?

Well, it is possible but the only thing that puts many people off are the jargons involved and the fact that you have to bring together over 80 tools and software from different suppliers necessary for building a successful online business. I am calling these tools a necessity because lack of one will mean no success is guaranteed.

The fact that none of each tool cost less than 10 dollars put the budget for starting at not less than 1000 dollars. I personally do not beleive it is advicable to risk such an amount in an investment you are not even slightly sure of.

With all the above said, I have good news for you. You can test whether your business idea will succeed online without fear of losing even a penny.

I know you must be asking yourself how will that work. This is how.
  1. You will be provided with all the necessary up to date tools and software (80+) on a single point
  2. You will be guided on a step by step process on how to use each tool in order to build your business
  3. You will have 90 days to test whether your business is making any progress. If it proves to be succeeding, make the business yours and own it forever. If you feel there is no progress, quit it without losing even a single penny but you will come out of it having learnt the tricks of how to build a thriving online business.

Before I tell you where to get these tools, I must also tell you that I also took the 90 days test drive to see whether my website ( would make me money. After realizing it is possible, thats when I decided to fully commit to the business.

A guy called Ken Evoy put together all these necessary tools to form a product called Solo Build It. Many online entrepreneurs liked the product so much to that they have grown to a community of thousands who like calling themselves SBIers.

Learn more about the Solo Build It before you start your business idea testing drive. Click here.

Note: If you need further clarification about the test drive, feel free to email me through the address

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