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Home based service business ideas would be fit for most people, if a Research that shows 75% of Americans are looking for or intend to start home based businesses is anything-to-go-by.

A good example of a service you can offer from home is online passport application. How it works? Well, I know it works well when you are offering the service to citizens of your country who are living outside the country and need the passport, and believe you me, they are so many.

Lets say you are a citizen of Canada, you can assist the Canadian citizens living outside of Canada with the completion of their Canadian passport applications. You can offer this service online at the comfort of your home office because all you need is a website where they can fill the application forms online and upload the required photos. All you will need is just to print and hand over the forms to necessary authorities for verification and approval.

As you might have guessed, most home based service businesses are done online as it is the easiest method of connecting and communicating with the outside world.

Here is a list of services you can offer comfortably from home.

  • online backup services
  • online chat services
  • online internet services
  • online phone services
  • online printing services
  • online registration services
  • online support services
  • online tax services
  • online writing service
  • online web services
  • online travel services
  • online pensions advisory service
  • online consulting services
  • website design services
  • website hosting services
  • cloud computing services
  • email services
  • hosting services

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