Hi, I am Jasan Irungu from kenya.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you like what I a have shared with you. I promise to continue sharing even more business ideas selflessly.

I have always liked business ever since I was young and I remember making my first income at the age of eight by selling eggs from a chicken given to me by my grandpa.

Ever since then, I have had many small businesses until I became a professional accountant.

Though I am still an accountant, the urge for having my own business necessitated me to start an online business as I prepare to quit my day job and go full time to my online business.

I Know you might be wondering why I call my website an online business. To tell you the truth, it is a business because, other than sharing business ideas and establishing friends through it, I also make money from it-for more information on how to establish an online business, register for a 7 days e-course. Click here to go to register

Thank you once again for visiting my website and feel free to keep in touch.

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