School business ideas

New school business ideas continue to emerge as more specialised skills are realised. Investing in education business is very rewarding in almost any part of the world. Whether you want to start a full university offering all manner of courses or just a simple centre offering cooking skills, be assured that chances of making a return are higher than not.

Here is a list of the most popular schools you could start.
  • architecture school.
  • culinary school
  • dental school
  • driving school
  • elementary school
  • engineering school
  • english school
  • event planning school
  • golf school
  • interior design school
  • kindergarten
  • law school
  • medical school
  • midwifery school
  • nutrition school
  • pharmacy school
  • physical therapy school
  • prep schools
  • psychology school
  • school of nursing
  • veterinary school

That list is not exhaustive and you may decide to go for the following types of education.

  • adult education
  • elementary education
  • financial education
  • health education
  • life skills education
  • nursery education
  • nutrition education
  • physical education
  • post secondary education
  • preschool education
  • secondary education
  • special needs education
  • technology education
  • toddler education
  • vocational education
Other simple courses you could offer include:-
  • computer skills course
  • counselling course
  • internet course
  • it training course
  • photography course
  • typing course

Other education related business ideas include:-

  • Selling school uniforms
  • Making school shoes
  • Selling school supplies
  • Start a school supplies stores
  • Selling school textbooks
  • Publishing school textbooks
  • Selling school equipments
  • Making school bags
  • Writing education articles for a fee
  • Start an education blog
  • Offering education loans
  • Offering education news online
  • Develop an education software


  1. It is possible to start a virtual school where you will be offering online training.
  2. You can also sell school supplies and school textbooks online.

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