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Nicole owns Amazing Mutts,a small owner-operated dog training business in Corona California.

They offer private, in-home dog training services to residents in the surrounding areas where they use positive reinforcement techniques to build the relationship between the dog and the owner while getting the behaviors the owner wants.

Nicole grew up in California and began training animals at a young age. She grew up in a home that was always taking in different animals including birds, chinchillas, hamsters, dogs, cats and even a goat! It was only natural for her to develop a love and respect for her household pets, especially when she took on the task of training them. From there, she began to train her friends and neighbors dogs too. This is a practice she continued into adulthood. As a result, Nicole has had a wide variety of working with different breeds.

Being a philanthropisT, Nicole loves giving back to the community in terms of financial aid and / or volunteer work and that can also be seen in her website which gives a lot of resources about dogs.

Well, do you love pets? you can start a pet training business.

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