how to tackle the problem of negative demand for a company's product

by Hammed Olalekan Sarafa

Many products fail in the market due to wrong perception that consumer have on its attributes.

A marketer needs to tackle this problem by adopting a marketing technique known as positive marketing.

A positive marketing technique is a marketing effort used to convert the micro-scopic view of a consumer that may jeopardize the marketing aims and objectives (profit).

This can be done by reorientation of peoples perspective through mass media with the help of one or two famous star (actor, footballer, musician etc) that can gain peoples attention easily and tells them that their perception on such product is wrong not only that he/she must be able to use sugar-quoted mouth to explain the performance of such product (what consumer will gain from using it).

Some years back, two products of different company experienced this problem in Nigeria (Indome and Gala) and this technique was used encounter the challenge.

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