home based service business; patient care services

The current economic situation the world over has forced most people to work extra hard to be able to pay the bills which is translating to working extra hours. Have you wondered what happens when a family member lets say a senior falls ill and needs to be taken care of for a few months before full recovery? This person needs attention and care of a person who really knows what is required of him to make sure there is quick and full recovery.
The working class may not have all the time to attend to the sick person and may be forced to look for a professional to do the job for them. Here lies the opportunity. You can provide a much needed service of taking care of their patients both at home and in hospital while they are away.
The business will entail hiring a number of professional assistants to take care of the patients. Your assistant need not be nurses but may need some skills in community health and some training on how to handle a sick person. You can even decide to hire a professional to train them.
Their job will entail but not limited to,

  • Scheduling the next visit to the doctor

  • Buying the required medicines

  • Feeding the patient

  • Helping the patient do exercises like walking

The best place to start marketing your service is in hospitals where there are clients who can afford the service you are offering. This is called niche marketing. The other most important thing is to offer an excellent service which will assure you a steadfast growth of your business through referrals.

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