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Yesterday I overheard a conversation of how a huge number of people cannot go for a whole day without visiting the internet. But did you know most of these people maybe including you and me visit the social sites like face-book and twitter? That is how an idea clicked into my mind. How can businesses make people to visit their sites.

How many cybercafes can you estimate your country to be having? These can give you a big business opportunity. My idea is to use these as a contact point for potential clients as an advertising agent. I have not met even a single company offering this service.

How will it work? Lets take an example with a financial institution like an insurance company. Most of the insurance companies have websites with very low or no visitors. To make matters worse, most of those who visit the sites are just looking for job opportunities. That means most of the websites by these companies are not bringing in new business.

These institutions result into adverting on mainstream media where they have very limited airtime and some don't even advertise. Now that is where the opportunity comes in.

Do an analysis of the number of cybercafes around and the capacity of each. You could agree with the owners to allow you supply them with free mouse pads in exchange for advertising on the mouse pads.

Approach potential customers with facts of how many people you are capable of reaching through your advertisement agency.

The advert on the mouse-pad should explicitly request surfers to visit a particular page of a companies website to see their products or even special offers. This will grant the company an unlimited time to explain to the interested about the benefits of their products.

To cut on costs, you may need to make low cost mouse-pads since you will be changing the mouse-pads after expiry of the contact period.

You may also need to patent your idea for a given period so as to protect your business in your locality.

I wish you success in your endeavors.

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