Teen business idea;color analysis

Wikipedia defines Color analysis as the process of finding colors of clothing and make-up to match a person's complexion, eye color and hair color.

But did you know that you can make money by being a consultant in the color analysis industry? Yes, the are opportunities in this industry. For example, Wendy J. Smith is a qualified professional consultant.

Her work of art spans to over 10 years, as she delved into the subject of color analysis. She was inspired by the fact that color analysis had attained great popularity among some people, but not all, and posed many questions for which she sought answers. Using her training, observations, and experience as an artist, she was able to acquire a new take on this (old) subject.

Having done over 200 hours of color analysis, she began to realize that through these experiences she was incidentally developing a new system of color analysis. Winning colors analysis really works! This uniformly delighted her models and subjects. Today she even trains people especially teenagers to become color analysis experts in an industry where it is estimated that Experts are making $50 an hour.

Visit here website to have a look at this opportunity at www.winning-colors-analysis.com

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