list of small business ideas in the philippines

list of small business ideas in the philippines

Small business ideas in the philippines abound. With its economy ranking at position 46 in the whole world, the Philippines offers quite a number of business opportunities. The hottest business idea currently in the Philippines is renewable energy. Renewable energy is touted to become a huge income earner in the country. So if you have the capital, this is one of the areas I wouldn't advice you to overlook.

Here is a list of export business ideas in the Philippines that are doing very well.
  • Export of semiconductors and electronic products.
  • Export of garments
  • Export of copper products
  • Export of transport equipments
  • Export of petroleum products
  • Export of coconut oil
  • Export of fruits.
The major markets for these products are united states of America, china, South Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore.

Philippines is becoming industrialized at a high rate and as a result, the economy is transforming from being agricultural based to manufacturing and service based. This has presented more new opportunities in the country especially Business process outsourcing services.

Here is a list of service business ideas you can establish in Philippines.
  • Establishing a call centre
  • Become a legal adviser for businesses
  • Offer medical transcription services
  • Offering financial services
  • Offering accounting services
  • Offer software development services
  • Offer animation services.

Other small businesses which require small capital investment you can start in the Philippines are:-

  • Agri-business
  • Wedding planning
  • Events management
  • Car rental
  • Wedding photography
  • Real estate agency
  • Selling promotional items
  • Selling office furniture
  • Stationery business

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