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You must have come across adhesive tapes if not used, especially the packing and masking tapes right? But have you ever given these tapes a thought business wise especially the packing tapes?

A branded packing tape is what I have in mind. It can work in either of the following two ways or even both.

Method 1. Tapes branded with generals information like ''Thank you for shopping with us'' etc. You can then distribute these tapes directly to those stores and wholesale shops where these kind of tapes are used in large quantities.

method 2. Tapes branded in the specific company's name. This is where you look for contracts to supply a store or any other client with packing tapes branded in their name or logo.

You can even decide to do both of the above but it is always good to start with one depending on which one you feel will give you a quick head start.

My opinion, second method can be easier especially when you don't have much capital as you will realize in the next paragraphs.

You might be wondering, how will I make the tapes or where will I get the capital worth millions of dollars to put up an adhesive tapes manufacturing factory?

Now that's where the power of negotiation comes in. Lets assume you decide to start with the second option above, all you need to do is approach your potential clients and establish a relationship with them. You can even be honest with them and tell them your idea and explain to them how such a product will improve their image to their customers.

During such meetings, you will be able to establish the quantity of tapes each uses and the estimated total number of tapes those who seem serious might order.

With such a figure, its time to approach the manufacturer. Negotiate with him on the price at which they will supply you with a given quantity of branded tapes. Make sure you get the lowest price possible without compromising on the quality.

From there, you can do your calculations and know the pricing of your tapes after adding your wanted profit margins.

Now lets assume that the manufacturer agrees on a given price only when you meet a given minimum quantity. That is when you can decide to fill the remaining difference with the tapes discussed in method 1 above.

NOTE: This idea can apply to many other manufactured products other than tapes. It only requires you to be creative.

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