Marti garaughty Is one of today's most collected contemporary painters. And his portfolio is online!!

In his about me page he says..........

''Color is a language...

I approach painting as a visual form of music. I see color as the notes, the way the colors
mix and blend as the harmony and the brushstrokes as the rhythm.

Using color and brushstrokes to invent a language of my own, I try to connect with people in ways
that can't be done with words or images. I think the best way to view my work is not to ask "what is it?",
but to ask yourself... how does it make you feel?
I paint purely by instinct...

The best way I can explain what I do is that it's like improvising jazz but instead of melody and
harmony, I'm using color and brushstrokes.

I believe that art should reach deep within us to touch our heart and soul, To evoke memories
and emotions. To remind us of our hopes and dreams. To reflect our fears.

If anything, I hope my work inspires you to look within yourself, to see the possibilities that exist within
all of us and to make the most of those possibilities, no matter what your possibilities might be.

I'd like to sincerely thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoyed seeing my work as much as
I've enjoyed creating it.''

Well, I do not feel like talking more about Marti's talent and business perspective other than just referring you to his website to see for yourself.

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