moms home based business idea;Surrogate Mother

This business idea may sound as very radical to some but it is happening in California united states.

According to By Delwyn Lounsbury who gives online Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother Information, surrogacy is when women are paid to carry and deliver babies for people who can not or don't want to conceive them biologically.

Delwyn Lounsbury's website is full of information about surrogacy but what got my attention is the booming business of commercial surrogacy in California.

Before I go further, it is important to note that Commercial surrogacy is banned in most countries of the world and in most states in America.

A California commercial surrogacy court case, Johnson v. Calvert 1993, gave parents all rights to the child. Then, in a 1998 case, Buzzanca v. Buzzanca, the court ruled that the child was lawfully to go to the intended parents even though there was no genetic link to the child by either of them (surrogate mothers egg & anonymous sperm donor). Also, in 2005 the California Supreme Court decided 3 cases together that had to do with lesbian couples who had reproduced using surrogacy. The court ruled that under the Uniform Parentage Act, two women can be the legal parents of a child produced through surrogate mother. This ruling presumably applies to gay surrogacy.

The above combined factors makes California the land of opportunity for infertile couples seeking surrogate mother for any reason. In the event, many Commercial surrogacy agencies have come up that charge between $10,000 and $23,000 for all they do to coordinate finding a surrogate mother. I advice you to visit his website for more information about surrogacy, mine was about a business idea.

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