by Josphat

I have this idea of offering low cost accident insurance cover through a mobile phone application.

In our country(which is in Africa), 20million people own a mobile phone but more than 95% are not insured.

My idea is to create a mobile phone application and then partner with mobile telephony service providers for the application to be listed as part of their services.

Given that i intend the service to be a low cost, i project to get more than 40% of mobile phone owners as customers.

My major challenges are two.
1) I suspect that this project might require a lot of capital which i might lack especially the government requirement that an insurance company must have a certain minimum capital.

2) I have not seen or heard of a company offering offering insurance services through a phone which might be both a blessing and a challenge. A challenge because i don't know whether it can work or not and as you know, the cost of failure is usually bigger than the cost of success.

Now i hope somebody out there can be generous enough to tell me whether you have ever heard of a company giving such a service and how successful it is. i will also appreciate if you offer your advice on how i can improve my idea. Thanks to all


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Insurance NEW
by: Marsha Byrd

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by: Josphat

Thank you Anthony Njuguna and Florence for the words of encouragement. I think am just being nervous. I need to start writing a business plan and look for financiers.

by: Anthony Njuguna

This is very wise of u since u somehow demonstrate some entrepreneurial skills. Remember an entrepreneur does not fear risking and hence u should follow ua decision. I wish u all the best or do i say that i will be ur customer?

Great idea
by: florence

I just want to wish u luck its a great idea.That is what entrepreneurs are made of. Even if starting is might be challenge,i believe it will be a big business for you when it starts.All the best.

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