Hot new business ideas:making sleep masks

hot new business idea, sleep masks

hot new business idea, sleep masks

I got this hot business idea from Chris Thomas. Chances are high that you have never heard of hibernate sleep masks especially if you are outside Australia. The reason why except Australia is because if you live there, you must have read about Hibernate from the Sunday Herald Sun or The Sunday Telegraph. The two are Australia's biggest selling newspapers.

Well, Chris is the owner of Hibernate and has a website called, An e-commerce site selling sleep masks which block sound as well as light with removable ear muffs.

Chris came up with the idea from personal experience of working night shift for a pre-press company. One day he was talking to his father and brother who ran a company manufacturing foam, about the possibility of creating some soft foam ear muffs for sleeping to help him block sound because ear plugs were driving him crazy! (unwanted noise was the most difficult aspect to control while sleeping during the day). They suggested a few things and together they came up with an effective solution!

Today, Chris sells all his Hibernate sleeping masks purely online and does not even bother to sell the Hibermate in stores as he wants to control the entire process of manufacture to delivery and after sales support.

Do you think you you could start such a business and start selling the sleeping masks in your local area before Chris goes international and sells to even your locals? The challenge is yours.

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