Hot new business idea; digital photography

new business idea, digital photography

new business idea, digital photography

How many ways do you know that photography can make you money? Did you know you can even do photography not only as a hobby but also a part-time or full time business?

Well, Abbas Saigara's article was an eye opener for me. This is what he says.

''As a professional, you may just decide to do photography on assignments. Even as a wedding and functions photographer, you can earn your livings. However, in order to make more money you must have other income streams through photography.

Photojournalism is one good way to earn from photography but it may require full time work. If you want to be a part-time photojournalist, you may need to narrow down on a specific subject that will not require a lot of time and commitment.

Photography for publishing houses.-There is a good demand of photographs on different subjects like landscape, wildlife, food, nature and glamour by publishing houses and printing press. Publishing house needs good quality photographs, even if they have appointed their official photographers. They are always looking for different style and creativity to break monotonous feel in their products.

Stock photo agency is another option, which can earn you a good money. Though you may need all the equipments and lights to shoot on any subject, you can recover your cost and profit without working as a full time photographer.

Micro-stock agencies are good option as your exposure and sell is world wide. The competition is sever but demand is also huge. You get a residual income of your creative work, which can be done during your free time or as your hobby.

Have you ever thought of all the above options? This is just a summary. This gentleman has so much information to offer, and he offers it for free on his website, Pay his website a visit and i assure you that you will learn a lot.

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