home biz idea; selling baseballs online

Time and again, one of the most popular advices given to those who want to venture into business is to make money by doing what they love doing. I cant emphasize more. Instead, I will give you an example of somebody who does that as I always do and always will.

Steve Ramer is very passionate about baseball and art and he has combined the two to come up with a very unique business idea. selling painted baseballs online.

This is what Steve says about himself.

''Two of my biggest passions are baseball and art.

I have been drawing all my life. I never had any formal art education, except for those art classes we all had to take in school.

A long time ago I learned to paint with acrylics.

That's what I use to create my Great American Baseballs.

My love for the game of baseball and art has produced many drawings and paintings. Creating my Great American Baseballs gives me the chance to combine my love of art and baseball.

It's been mostly through trial and error that I perfected my craft of painting on baseballs. I also had help from one of the best sports artists in the business. Monty Sheldon

I've also been a baseball player most of my life. Starting with little league, we didn't have tee ball back then. I moved up through high school and American Legion ball and even played two seasons in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization.

I'm still playing ball in what's called the Men's Senior Baseball League. You have to be at least 48 years old to play which really helps us old guys. It's regulation baseball, wooden bats and all.

My business has been growing steadily. It amazes me how far it has come from nothing but an idea.''

I hope Steve's story has inspired you.

You can visit his website at www.famousbaseballplayers.net

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