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GPS is becoming the the hottest and the most reliable technology today in the world of tracking. With its awareness rapidly increasing, even mobile phone manufacturers like Nokia and Samsung are making their new products with GPS capabilities.

How does GPS tracking work?

Well, tracking is a process which starts with the commodity or person being tracked, e.g. a truck. You will first have to install a GPS tracking device in the truck. The device then transmits information to the GPS satellites to obtain the precise position of the vehicle. It may even five other information like whether the ignition key is on or whether the doors are properly locked, etc.

Next, the GPS tracking device communicates this information over the internet to a server through terrestrial communication network such as a GSM cellular system (you can obtain this service from a mobile service provider in your locality).

When the server receives the vehicle information, it stores it in a database for a complete history of movement.
Finally, when your client wants to see the location of his truck, he will just need to log in to your track web interface anytime. He may even obtain other information like the route history, speed, etc.
Enough of this and lets focus on the business aspect.

Now let’s say you want to start this particular business. You will need the GPS devices, software, a computer and the GSM services from your local mobile network service provider. Nowadays, you can easily get tracking software off the shelf.

You don’t want to do tracking only? You can even start a GPS devices rental business. But that is an idea for another day.

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