e-business-idea;selling video editing software online.

Shawn Whitaker runs a successful online store that sells video editing software. Video editing has been his passion ever since 1990's. Here is his story.

''My video editing bio began back in 1990. I started by making video journals for my friends in the military to send back home or take home with them after they separated from the military. I used a HUGE Sony VHS Camcorder. It was definitely a monster! Lugging around that camcorder and a bag full of analog VHS tapes brings back some painful memories! And to top it all off I was not able to do any type of editing after I made the videos so I had to make sure every shot was right.

I really got "serious" about making videos in 1997. At that time I started making videos of basketball games and weddings. I got my first digital camcorder in 2004. It was a JVC GRD30. I thought that little camcorder was a technological marvel! With the JVC in hand I had much more control over the finished product. I decided to invest in some video editing software. Pinnacle Studio 9 was my first editing program. After I saw what Pinnacle could do I wondered what else was out there. As time went by I purchased several different types of video editing software and got to know many brands quite well.

Once I had full grasp of what the software could do I had to learn a little more about the other aspects of film and videography. Digital video was a whole new world. I had to learn and re-learn how to best light a scene, shoot against a green screen, get a quality shot, and much more.

I do not have any formal video production training, but I have a wealth of experience and knowledge. I have experience using a wide range of video and imaging software, video equipment, and video accessories. Through trial, error, colleagues, and tutorials I have learned a lot of great strategies over the past several years. I hope that you find the information useful.''

Enough of his story for now. Let us ask ourselves how he does it.

First, he offers reviews on the quality of various soft-wares and gives customers on the pro's and con's of each software, second, he compares them based on various scorecards like usability, third, he offers free tutorials on how to use each software and lastly he offers you tips and advice that will help you make informed decision on which software that best fits your requirements. With a person offering you such a load os information, what would stop you from trusting him and buying from him. THAT IS WHY SHAWN IS SUCCESSFUL-because people who visit his store tend to like his honesty thereby trusting and buying from his store.

Shawn's website(online store) is www.video-editing-software-guide.com

Visit his website and 'steal' some more ideas of an online video editing software store.

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Sep 03, 2013


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