easy to strart business idea; Swim trainer

Are you a good swimmer? Why don’t you utilize your talent to benefit others? You can offer swimming lessons for a fee. There are so many people out there interested in swimming for fun but don’t know how to do it.

Well, for convenience especially you are not a professional, you can offer the lessons to only those who want to learn swimming for fun and not who want to become career swimmers.

What about the starting capital? That’s where creativity comes in. You can start of by renting a swimming pool from one of the various institutions in your locality. How do you do it? You can agree to be given exclusivity for 1 or 2 hour daily to conduct your lessons. Since most of the swimming pools by such institutions are not for income generation, they will be happy to rent you the pool if it could make them money for maintenance.

Back to your business now, look for interested clients put them into 3 groups them of 4-10 members each. Train each group twice per week for maybe 4wks. That way you will take advantage of economies of scale and maximize profits for each lesson.


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