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The world is changing so fast especially the business world. In earlier days, generally what you needed to succeed in business was to find a good location where huge human traffic is passing through. Not anymore. Today such nice locations are limited and if you are lucky to land one, be sure you will have to part with a fortune.

Most entrepreneurs have faced the above challenges which have forced them to re-think new strategies of succeeding in business. To most obvious solution is to locate their businesses in less costly areas and then heavily market their business. But they also face the challenge of limited capital for marketing.

This challenge brings us to the business idea of menu ads. It is not only the least costly mode of advertising but it also helps small business get quicker results as compared to traditional mode of advertising.

So how can you do this? The best strategy is to design and print the menus for free for the restaurants in your area. By offering something for free to the restaurant owner, he will reward you by giving you as small space on the menu to advertise other businesses in that locality.
Your success and pricing will depend on how popular the restaurants you have an agreement with are. Word of advice, don’t go for the fast foods. Nobody wants to advertise in a place where people take less than ten minutes to eat.
This business idea has no basic strategy of starting because it depends on your location and the kind of people who own restaurants in that area. Since I have given you the idea, think of the best way to approach your market.

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