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Do you have years of professional experience over something or a process, you could use your experience to establish a professional business, coaching or inspiring others on how to run things in your field of expertise.

To give you an example, I had an interview with somebody who excellently does exactly that.

Here is the interview I had with Mr. Terris Muhammad the founder of Terris Worldwide. I hope you will be inspired.

  • Hello Terris, welcome to million small business ideas.Tell us what you do.
    I'm a business consultant, marketer, and entrepreneur. Over the past 25+ years my main occupation has been in the insurance and financial services fields.

  • In just a few sentences, what problem does your business solve?
    The fundamental problems my business consultancy solves are:

    • 1) How to solve complex problems in structured, systematic ways. Problem solving is a foundation skill for any entrepreneur or business person.

    • 2) Identifying and implementing a cultural system that gets good results regardless of the context. And,

    • 3) Making available knowledge and information that will help entrepreneurs and business owners run successful operations.

  • How did you come up with the idea to start this business?
    I came up with the idea for this business because the prevailing business culture throughout the world, and particularly in the United States, is out of touch with the global economy going forward. If market forces continue as normal as they have in the past, in 50 years roughly 90% of the big and small businesses in operation today will no longer exist. Going forward people need business ideas that will better promote human well-being in the global economy.

  • Had you toyed with the idea for long before you decided to act upon it?
    Yes, I toyed with the idea for at least 10 years before I acted upon it. Before I could act upon the idea I had to have the necessary knowledge and information to make it happen.

  • What are the most important or unique features of your business?
    Knowledge and information that isn't available elsewhere. I work long and hard to solve the complex problems that others don't have answers to. Robots don't last long in today's world. The second most important and unique feature is that I have put in place a system that maximizes human potential both individually and socially. Using my systems people can truly grow themselves and their businesses as far as they possibly can.

  • In your opinion, can your type of business be applied in other parts of the world other than your locality?
    Yes, my business concept and systems can be applied in any part of the world because they are based on the natural pattern of human existence. Also, my business systems and ideas are in harmony with the natural world.

For more information about Mr Terris, click here to visit him on his site

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