commercial ideas for teens: Online listing of property

Facebook, twitter, other social networks and ICT knowledge are offering a great opportunity for a youthful person to make a killing if he/she so wants. One such area is online property listing. here is how.....

Most of the older generation that owns properties turn to newspapers and magazines when they want to sell their property or engage the services of estate agents whom they pay big commissions.

Do you think of a way you can bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer? One way can be to become an agent and look for buyers through Facebook and twitter. I do not know how sustainable this is.

Another better option is to have a website for listing these properties in your locality. There are two options of making an income from this.

Option one is to establish a mechanism where you are paid for each property sold. This may require a-lot of capital and time.

Option two is to request a one time registration fee for the sellers property to be listed. This will not require you much capital or internal control. Another long-term advantage is people will realize that property listed on your website are cheaper as there are no middle men involved between the buyer and the seller hence no agents commissions.

Do you see how simple option two is? You can do it even even with limited finances! All the best.

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