Comics business

Before we talk about comics business, Comics denotes a hybrid medium having verbal side of its vocabulary tightly tied to its visual side in order to convey narrative or information Education and Training RequiredBeing a broad industry, there are various proffessions in the comics industry that have different requirements. The most popular are:-

  • Comic Book Artist-While not strictly a requirement, holding a degree or certification from an art school shows dedication to the craft, and will provide an excellent foundation. Consider a program that specializes in
  • Cartoonist-Cartoon artists express their creativity through pictures. Most sharpen their skills by completing a bachelor's degree program in illustration. This undergraduate degree program enables cartoon artists to find entry-level employment with publishers, graphic design firms, advertising agencies and stationery and greeting card companies.
Comic Art covers everything and anything to do with comics, and here is a list of comics types you may decide to venture into as a entrepreneur.
  • comic books
  • comic strips
  • magazine cartoons
  • graphic novels
  • caricatures
  • web comics
  • underground
  • mainstream works
  • political cartoons
  • gag illustrations
  • comics-related artwork
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  • comic magazines
  • drawing comics
  • online comic books
  • comic creator software
  • comic movies
  • ebook comics
  • christian comics


If you are really talented in any of the comics, there is a huge online market for your artistic work because there is little competition in this global market. Think creatively of how to get into this market starting with a website.

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