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The market trend for shops and stalls in cities and major towns is changing really fast. Today, the major contract before you rent a small shop is a lease agreement. The lease agreement entails a contract where the lessee (the person who will be using the shop) is required to pay the lessor (owner of the shop) an amount of money outside the normal rental amount.

The lease amount is usually for a specified period of time, usually five years. When the lease period lapses, you can renew the lease for another term and part with another amount of money for the lease period. If the owner of a shop wants to vacate before the lease period lapses, he can look for another lessee who will reimburse him the amount for the remaining period.

Here lies the opportunity. You can become the link between the lessor and the lessee for a fee. How do you do this? Well, the best option is to charge the lessor a finder’s fee or a commission if you manage to get him a lessee. You can charge a certain percentage of the lease agreement amount.

To effectively market your business, you have to establish a relationship with three kinds of people.
 Property developers who are developing a property to establish shops for sale
 Shop owners who might need to vacate before lease period lapses.
 General public who are looking for vacant shops to start a business

Establishing a relationship with the first two is easy as you will just need to approach them in their places of work. Establishing a relationship with potential lessees is the main challenge and you need to get a little creative to get their attention as the person who can get them a particular shop in a location of their choice.

The first option would be to use the social media especially facebook to let people know that you are the person to contact if they need a shop at the best deal. You can even establish a facebook page specifically for this. Another option is to establish a website targeted for the locals to search for vacant shops. You can even decide to use the traditional media to market your venture. Get creative and you can succeed in this lucrative venture.

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