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How well do you know your locality? Does your country or locality have tourist destinations? Well, if the answers to the two questions above are positive, you can become a personal shopper.

I had never known how this works until I came across Maren Erickson's business. Maren is a personal shopper for tourists in Florence Italy.

She knows all the stores, boutiques and shops that sell authentic items made in Italy that are favorites for the tourists.

After a good research on what can make one succeed in the business of being a personal shopper, here are some points of what it takes to be a personal shopper as I came to learn from Maren.

1. Language: be good in the spoken language in which your clients will be speaking in. If your target clients are from France, be good in french.

2. Thorough Knowledge of your locality. You must know where stores, wonderful hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, churches and mosques and many more are located before you even start.

3. You must be sociable!!! This is the single most important quality that you must have if you are to succeed in this social industry. Being social will help you learn and understand your clients tastes and preferences as well as satisfy them. 'A happy customer brings another next time'

If this business idea sounds interesting to you, Visit Maren's website. You will learn a thing or two of how she does it. The website is at

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